Before you apply to any school, chances are you will go and visit the campus to try and get a feel for what they are all about. To get the most of our campus tour and make the best decision on where to apply, follow these 3 simple tips.


1. Ask Questions

Have any burning questions handy in your phone so you don’t forget to ask them! Don’t be afraid to ask questions for your tour guide, they are current students and made the same decision you are – this is your chance.

  • Where do students hang out in-between classes for food or to study?
  • What was your best experience during Orientation? What happens?
  • Why did they choose this school?
  • What are the off campus amenities like? Movie theatre, Bowling, Laser Tag, Sushi etc.
  • When you were making your decision, what do you wish you asked your tour guide?

2. Research

Research the amenities and other great things the school has to offer that way you get more from the tour than the usual guide and get more out of your time there.

  • Don’t forget to use social media to your advantage to help research.Look up each school’s hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to see what real students are doing, where they hangout, where they eat etc.

3. Residence Tours

Don’t forget to check out all of the residences on campus, they look very different in photos, and be mindful that not all rooms in the each building are the same. That means that even if you see one room, yours might end up being different. Some schools are legendary for their Rez food (because it’s amazing or amazingly awful), so take a bite while you’re there!

Don’t Forget: On your way home, write down the best and worst things about the school, you will be surprised how quickly each school starts to blend together.