I received a complimentary ticket, do I still need to register?2019-02-21T17:45:19+00:00

You do not need to register to enter the event with your complimentary ticket.   This ticket however only provides you with entry into the event, and does not entitle participation in the $2,000 Tuition contest.   A complete online registration is required to participate in the contest, AND we also need to record that you attended the event as a condition for contest eligibility.

It is advised that you register in advance of the event, however we can also collect your email address upon entry to the event as proof that you attended and therefore making your earned contest entries eligible for the draw should you complete a full registration after attending.   .  Please see Contest Rules and Regulations.

Do I need to be at the event at all times to be eligible for the contest?2019-02-21T17:47:45+00:00

No. Upon entry into the event, your barcode will be scanned which indicates you attended, therefore making your earned entries eligible for the draw.  For more details, see full contest rules.

What is a Promo Code?2015-10-09T22:09:05+00:00

We provided unique promo codes to some of our marketing and media partners. If you received one, feel free to input it to earn 10 bonus entries into the contest.   Just for reading this, here’s one for you “BONUS” 🙂

If I registered for the event, am I automatically entered into the contest?2019-02-21T17:48:03+00:00

No, you need to complete your full registration which can be found in the CONTEST section of the website to submit your full contact information.  You will receive 10 entries into the contest for completing your full registration.  For more details, see full contest rules.

Do I need to attend Student Life Expo to be eligible for the prizes?2019-02-21T17:48:25+00:00

Yes, attendance is required to submit your eligible entries earned into the contest.  Upon entry into the event, your barcode will be scanned which indicates you attended, therefore making your earned entries eligible for the draw.  For more details, see full contest rules.

What are the show hours?2019-02-21T17:48:43+00:00

Student Life Expo is open 11am to 6pm.

Where is the event being held?2017-01-25T15:37:30+00:00

Student Life Expo is taking place in the North Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) in Constitution Hall located on the 100 Level.  The MTCC is easily accessible by TTC and GO via Union Station and Skywalk.  Visit www.mtccc.com for further details and directions and parking information.

I received a raffle ticket, what do I do with this?2014-06-26T14:14:33+00:00

If you received a raffle ticket from us at another event, bring it with you.  You can submit that ticket at upon entry for our raffle prizes which will be drawn each hour of the event.  If you submit a raffle ticket, you do not need to attend each day as we will only be drawing from those tickets submitted within each hour.

How do I get my ticket?2014-06-26T14:14:15+00:00

Once you have registered by inputting an e-mail address and password on the homepage, you are able to LOGIN.  You can then visit the MY TICKET section to get your unique barcode ticket.   You can either print your ticket, or display your barcode electronically on a mobile device to be scanned at the door.

Which schools will be there?2015-10-09T21:52:01+00:00

Please see our full list of exhibitors in the About section.

What is the difference between Student Life Expo and the Ontario University Fair?2015-10-09T21:56:09+00:00

The Ontario University Fair only presents universities from Ontario.  Student Life Expo presents a wide variety of educational and lifestyle exhibits including universities from all over Canada, colleges, skilled trades, and information on scholarships, student loans, travel, technology and some fun and entertainment as well.  Even if you’re leaning towards applying to an Ontario university, you will still find a lot of valuable information, resources and fun at Student Life Expo.

Can parents come to Student Life Expo, and do they need to register for free admission?2015-07-22T12:40:49+00:00

Yes. Parents, friends and other family members are all welcome to attend and can also register for free admission at www.studentlifeexpo.com.    If they do not wish to register, they can enter the event by paying $10 at the door.  Persons under the age of 12 accompanying an adult do not need to register or pay $10 at the door.

Do we have to register to enter the event?2015-07-22T12:42:39+00:00

Registration provides FREE ADMISSION.  If you do not wish to register, you can also enter the event by paying $10 at the door.