Exams are long gone, school is out, and now you have one month left of summer! Congratulations for becoming a senior in high school!

When September hits, you will be focused on school and getting those amazing grades to qualify for an entrance scholarship (not an easy task), so use your summer wisely to prepare for college and university applications to avoid the panic of deciding where you are going and what to take.

To help you get prepared and EXCITED for college and university over the summer we have compiled 5 tips to help you prepare for your.

last year of high school!

1. $$ Work and Scholarships

Money isn’t everything but it sure helps a lot when you need to pay for tuition, books, residence, food, and entertainment! Start saving now (if you haven’t already) for University.

Scholarships: There are thousands of scholarships out there for the taking. Do your research and make a list to keep track of important things like where you found the scholarship, the due date for the application, how much it is worth, and the requirements for applicants to qualify.

2. Volunteer

Take time this summer to volunteer within your community. You are guaranteed to make invaluable connections for your future, but it also looks fantastic on those scholarship applications!

3. Make a College List

Make a list of all the programs that you are interested in, know the requirements to get into each program so you can do everything on your end to secure that offer of admission. If you need to do summer school to get an extra science or math credit – this is your last chance!

4. Visit the Campus

Don’t forget to visit your prospective schools. There is nothing like walking on that campus and getting that feeling of “this is where I need to be.” Keep your eyes and ears open for campus and department open houses where you can ask questions about programs you were thinking about, student life, and get a general vibe of the school.

5. Register for the Student Life Expo October 17 & 18, 2015

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to register for the Maclean’s Student Life Expo at www.studentlifeexpo.com/register held this October 17 & 18! Not only will you get FREE entrance to the expo and avoid paying $10 at the door, you will also be entered to win $5,000 towards tuition!

How are you preparing for your last year of high school? Share or comment and let us know!