Don’t have the highest average in your class? We have good news for you, there are many other options!

Here are our suggestions for finding scholarships beyond grades!

Scholarship Tip #1: Community Engagement

Some scholarships beyond grades are strictly based on your engagement with the community. Getting involved with your community not only qualifies you for more scholarships – you are also investing in your own personal and professional growth and development, you are networking and meeting new people!

Scholarship Tip #2: Diversity and Group Affiliations

There are scholarships beyond grades that are exclusive to a cultural organization, religious group, and other associations. Also, your parents may work for a company that offers scholarships or bursaries to children of employees. Don’t forget about clubs and religious organizations you may belong to that could also have scholarships established.

Scholarship Tip #3: Maclean’s Student Life Expo

Another fantastic way to receive a scholarship for tuition is registering for the Maclean’s Student Life Expo, not only will you get into the Expo for FREE on October 17 & 18, you could also win $5,000 towards your tuition! There are lots of other great prizes for you to win as well and many resources for you in your search for your next steps beyond high school.

So don’t fret if you don’t have a 99.9999% average, you still have a lot of options!

Checkout these resources for more information on scholarships beyond grades and to get matched up with the ones you qualify for!