Looking for a way to make your experience at college or university exceptional? Consider studying abroad. It is a great opportunity to experience a new culture, language, and country!

Here are a few ways to study abroad!

Study Abroad Tip #1: International Exchanges

There are two ways to complete an international exchange. The first is directly through your educational institution where you apply through your school. Canadian institutions are partnered with international colleges and universities with reciprocal agreements in place. The main benefit of going through your school is paying your school’s tuition and not international fees which can be outrageous!

The second option is through a third party program that has accreditation to organize study abroad trips for students. Most of these programs will give you credits towards your degree as you are completing a specific educational program. However, every program is different and it is always safest to confirm with your program coordinator at your home school to ensure your experience is transferable.

Study Abroad Tip #2: Pursue an International Program

Rather than completing only a few months abroad, you also have the option to complete your undergraduate degree overseas. The drawbacks tend to be cost, but if you are keen to learn a specific language or culture, there is nothing better than immersing yourself in it for 4 years! Using resources like StudyOverSeas.com can help you find the right international program and school.

Study Abroad Tip #3: Internship

Many Canadian programs offer an internship or co-op option to enhance the overall effectiveness of their program and allow students to apply what they learn in class, in the work place. Consider using your co-op or internship opportunity to go abroad. You will get to build your professional network internationally while you make yourself and your resume stand out!

Career fields available for internship opportunities include, Agriculture and Animals, Arts and Humanities, Architecture, Engineering, Business, Hospitality, Performing Arts, Social Work, Math, Sports Management, and many more.

There are many ways to study abroad, if you don’t want to complete a full year or degree abroad, you have the option to complete a semester, summer, or a few weeks. It all depends on the program you choose.

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Happy Travels!

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